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At Eczema Outreach Support, we understand that eczema is different for everyone, so we offer a range of services, activities, and resources to help you manage the challenges of the condition. Eczema can have a huge impact on the whole family and can feel very isolating, overwhelming, and exhausting. Sometimes talking to someone who gets “it” can make such a difference. We can offer a listening ear, a chance to talk to someone who understands, provide reliable information, the opportunity to connect with other families and support for your child at school.

Benefits of becoming a member of Eczema Outreach Support

  • A tailored welcome pack full of information

  • One to one support from the Eczema Outreach team

  • Access to a vibrant closed Facebook Group

  • Invitations to family events and online webinars

  • A school workshop for your child at Primary or First school

  • Access to our XY Club for your child aged 11-17 years

  • Medical advice we do not provide medical advice. We leave this to the highly trained medical professionals across the UK. If you have any medical concerns or questions, then please contact your GP or local health care professional for advice.

What families have said about us:

I am so thankful to have discovered Eczema Outreach Support in the early days of my baby daughter’s eczema diagnosis. I felt very lost, alone and overwhelmed and EOS reassured me that help, and support is just a phone call away.

With the support of EOS, I have been able to go to hospital appointments confident that I can ask the right questions and get the information I need to manage my daughter’s eczema.

We have enjoyed many of your events, always very welcoming, informative and supportive. A great organisation for families.

Our son felt very alone and spent every day very upset and frustrated. He doesn’t feel quite so different now and life for him has become a lot easier which at one point we didn’t think possible