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Latest COVID-19 information from the British Association of Dermatologists

The British Association of Dermatologist has released advice for people on immunosuppressants and biologic drugs regarding the COVID-19 virus. The information is published below.   The British Association of Dermatologists The BAD knows that national

March 16th, 2020|Eczema News|

Biologic drug approved for use in teens in England, Scotland and Wales

A new biologic drug has been approved to be prescribed to adolescents with severe eczema - giving hope to those for whom other treatments have been unsuccessful or unsuitable. Dupilumab has now been approved by

February 6th, 2020|Eczema News, EOS News|

SPACE – Support Programme for Adolescents with Chronic Eczema

Being a teenager can be difficult and having a chronic skin condition that can cause stress, embarrassment and pain can make the teen years even more testing. Teenagers and young people with eczema can feel

January 9th, 2020|Eczema News, EOS News|
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