It’s been a busy few months!  Here’s what some young people with eczema have been up to…

We are beyond excited to launch our brand new animation ‘Eczema – More than Itchy Skin’ at the next XY Club catch up on Saturday September 19th from 11am to 12.30pm. The premier of the animation will be followed by a talk with dermatology consultant Tess McPherson on coping with eczema and Cheryll from EOS will also be on hand. All members aged 11-17 should have received an email on how to take part, if you haven’t please email

With the COVID-19 pandemic meaning XY Connect events can’t happen in person – we are going digital!

On Saturday April 25 at 1pm, we will host a digital SPACE (Support Programme for Adolescents with Chronic Eczema) meet for members of the XY Club. You can virtually meet other people aged 11-17 with eczema and get tips on managing your skin and coping with stress.

It’s free to take part and everyone that completes the workshop will get a £10 cinema voucher.

You can register here to take part.

SPACE – Support Programme for Adolescents with Chronic Eczema

The first SPACE workshop went ahead in Dundee in February – despite the Scottish weather’s attempts to thwart it!

Held at Dundee Science Centre, the group included a brand new XY  member and the young people got to mingle and heard form a dermatologist on how to manage eczema.

Stress Less Workshops

XY Club held a Stress Less workshop in London in November 2019 for young people aged 11-17.

They took part in a workshop on how to cope with stress and a dermatologist was on hand to give advice on managing eczema.

The young people also did team building games and had the chance to talk to others with eczema.

It was a great first event in London and we can’t wait to return to the capital to meet even more XY members.

 XY Club catch-up!

The latest  XY Club members catch up took place  at the Royal Concert Hall on Saturday February 29 from 10.30am to 1pm.   It’s was a chance to catch-up with other young people with eczema and to explore the topic of stress and the impact it can have on eczema.  Interested in attending an XY catch up? Get in touch with Cheryll via email

Our XY Club went Go-Karting!

The event took place in Falkirk, Scotland. We also had a workshop about Instagram and social media with the media agency Electrify. Interested in coming along to our next one? Get in touch with

SPACE – Support Programme for Adolescents with Chronic Eczema

Following a successful pilot pilot in Edinburgh, the SPACE programme will be rolled out across Scotland this year.

Teenagers and young people with eczema can feel excluded and embarrassed over how their skin looks and chronic eczema can feel very isolating. However a new scheme from Eczema Outreach Support aims to help.

SPACE (Support Programme for Adolescents with Chronic Eczema) is for young people aged 11-17 with eczema and offers them the chance to talk to others with the condition and learn how to best manage it. There is also a work shop on managing stress and coping with having eczema and all participants get a £10 voucher to use in a cinema.

A past SPACE attendee said: “I really enjoyed the session and liked that there was no adults there listening in.

“Communication is really important and it was great to talk to other young people with eczema and feel less alone.”

SPACE secured funding from Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland and supported by NHS Scotland and will be held throughout the country this year. A full list of events are below:

February 22, 2020 – Dundee

March 14, 2020 – Dunfermline

April 25, 2020 – Inverness

May 16, 2020 – Glasgow

June 6, 2020 – East Kilbride

August 29, 2020 – Edinburgh

Helping Out!

We’ve had some amazing young people helping us out in recent months.  Kate has been volunteering to contribute to her Duke of Edinburgh award, the young people who came along to our family event in Glasgow in November helped the younger children in their workshops, and Gaelle helped package the envelopes ready to post to the High 5 Club members.  Thanks to you all 🙂

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