Stress Less!

You might have noticed if you feel a bit stressed your skin starts to get itchy and flare up.   Lots of things can cause stress – exams or tests at school, falling out with a friend, or doing something new.

It can work the other way too.  If your skin is flaring it can stress you out.  You might worry about how it looks, be anxious that you can’t get the flare under control, or angry that it’s flaring again when you’d just got it sorted 🙁

It’s all a bit confusing because the link between your skin and brain is very complex and we don’t fully understand how it all works yet.

Everyone gets stressed, but if you have eczema it’s good to do things that help you relax a bit.    Doing something you enjoy can be a good place to start e.g. watch something funny, listen to music, play a sport, read a book, or just catch-up with a friend who makes you feel good.

Have a look at our app for a playlist and ideas of what to do for when you feel itchy.

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