XY Club (11-17yrs)

XY Club (11-17yrs)2021-07-06T10:42:58+00:00

Our XY Club for young people aged 11-17

Do you know anyone your age with eczema? Does it feel like you are the only one with eczema?  Don’t worry you are not alone. Our XY club has over 500 young people who understand the challenges of having eczema.

Why be part of the XY club?

XY App2021-06-24T07:24:08+00:00

The app features a treatment tracker to help you manage your eczema treatments, a playlist created by young people with eczema, a Q&A section as well as links to some useful stress videos as well as our new and exciting animation for young people at middle, high or secondary school Eczema – More than itchy skin.

Instagram group chat2021-06-24T07:24:31+00:00

This is for our XY members aged 13-17 to connect with other young people, share your experiences and support each other. To join send a DM to our Instagram page and we will add you to the group.


Animation – we understand how difficult school can be for a young person with eczema. We worked with a group of young people to understand the issues faced at school and created an animation for teachers to learn more about the impact of eczema on a young person’s life at school. You can watch Eczema more than itchy skin here. We would love to hear your feedback, get in touch and let us know what you think club@eos.org.uk?

Youth panel2021-06-24T07:28:16+00:00

View our youth panel video here. For more information on the youth panel contact lyndsay@eos.org.uk

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