If you have eczema, you know what it feels like to be itchy.  Not just a little bit itchy…you can feel sooo itchy it will drive you mad!  You scratch in your sleep, you scratch in class, you don’t even realise you are scratching until someone says “STOP SCRATCHING!”.

It can feel AMAZING to scratch your itchy skin…but once you’ve had a good scratch your skin will be left even redder, sorer and might even be bleeding. It can feel pretty rubbish.

So, what can you do to stop Red Hot Itch getting the better of you?
Here are five ideas to try for when you start to feel itchy…

Put a cool pack on your itchy bits! Keep one in the fridge so its really cold and it can stop Red Hot Itch in its tracks.
Nip or pat the skin near the itch instead of scratching. This helps trick the skin into thinking you’ve scratched it!
Put your eczema cream in the fridge! When you put it on it will be cold and feel nice on your itchy skin.
Mineral water sprays might help cool your skin and calm the itch. Brands like Avene and La Roche-Posay make them and your parent/carer can buy them in the pharmacy.
Fiddle toys like Twisty help keep your hands busy and take your mind off scratching.

If you do something different, send us an email and we’ll put it on the Noticeboard page!

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