School can be a tricky place for a child with eczema.  There are many things that can trigger eczema in the school environment and children can be bullied because their skin is different.  It may be difficult for them to participate in all school activities and their concentration levels in class may be short due to sleepless nights and feeling itchy and sore.

Some children with eczema miss many school days due to infection, hospital appointments and skin flares.

We work with schools to help them understand the impact of eczema on a child and what a school can do to help.  We also support parents/carers when their child is struggling at school.  We can help a family identify small changes that could be made at school to make a big difference to their child’s ability to learn and participate.

How we support schools and parents/carers:

  • School workshops for primary school classes
  • ‘Eczema – More Than Itchy Skin’ Training Resource for secondary school staff
  • Practical resources for families and schools

Primary school workshops

The EOS primary workshop is a fun, interactive session which focuses on understanding eczema and the skin, how to support a pupil with eczema and also how to be a good friend to someone with the condition.

We now have school workshop leaders across the UK, allowing us to deliver workshops to most primary school areas.

Our face to face workshops have been put on hold due to the pandemic, but over this time we have created a new online version of our primary school workshop.

The online workshop was really engaging and informativeClass Teacher from Townhead Primary School, Coatbridge.

 If you would like us to organise a school workshop complete the form, link below.

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Supporting young people with eczema

Secondary school staff training resource

Working with young people, health care professionals and school staff, EOS developed a brand new secondary school staff training resource called ‘Supporting Young People with Eczema”.

The animation resource was created to support children and young people of secondary school age and aims to help staff understand the condition and the impact it can have on a pupil.  It also explains how small changes to the school environment can make a big difference to the lives of young people with eczema.


If you would like the resource for your child’s secondary school or are an education professional and would like to access the staff training resource, fill in the request form via the link below.
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School and Nursery Resources

Classrooms are often hot, there may be things that could trigger an eczema flare and it can be a long time without cream/emollient.

It can make a real difference if the school or nursery understand your child’s eczema and are supportive of any treatment they need during the day.  You can speak to your child’s school or nursery about their eczema and put in place a plan to help (this can be formal or informal).

Download our resources to help you set up the best possible care plan at school.