Eczema Info

The British Association of Dermatologists –

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Talk Health –


National Eczema Society –

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Beyond the UK…

USA National Eczema Association –

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Allergy Info

Allergy UK –

Anaphylaxis Campaign – >

Action Against Allergy – >

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Eczema products

Organisations our members have found helpful:

Scratch sleeves –

Pure Cotton Comfort –

Skinnies –

Looking for a natural approach

Organisations our members have found helpful:

Dermveda Skin Education –

Itchy Baby –

NHS Guidelines

Eczema guidelines for diagnosing and treating eczema:

England, Wales and Northern Ireland –

Scotland –

Guidance for medicines in schools

The latest Government guidelines for supporting children with medical conditions in education:

Scotland –

England ––3

Wales –

Northern Ireland –