Primary school workshops

EOS has developed a brand new school workshop programme for 2020.

The fun, interactive session focuses on understanding the skin and eczema as well as ways to help a pupil with eczema.

We now have school workshop leaders across the UK, allowing us to deliver workshops to most primary school areas.

With the pandemic affecting access to schools, we are developing an online workshop to be delivered live to your child’s class. We hope to be able to offer these very soon. You can register your interest now, by emailing


Secondary school resource

EOS has developed a brand new secondary school resource for 2020.

The resource is aimed at children and young people of secondary school age and aims to educate about eczema and help education professionals understand the condition and the impact it can have on a pupil.


If you would like the resource for your child’s secondary school or are an education professional, get in touch on for further information.

School and nursery can be a tricky environment for a child with eczema.

Classrooms are often hot, there may be things that could trigger an eczema flare and it can be a long time without cream/emollient.

It can make a real difference if the school or nursery understand your child’s eczema and are supportive of any treatment they need during the day.  You can speak to your child’s school or nursery about their eczema and put in place a plan to help (this can be formal or informal).

Download our resources to help you set up the best possible care plan at school.