Rhys is a member of High 5 Club and has had eczema for a long time. He wrote a short story about how he copes with itchy, sore skin and what he does to help.

“My name is Rhys and I am 7 years old. I have eczema mainly on my hands and around my lips and eyes.

“Often my hands get very dry skin which is then itchy and sore with lots of cracks on my fingers. I scratch and bite my fingers which make them worst and more sore. I have to put on steroid creams and lots of emollients to make my skin better. Sometimes when it gets really bad I have to put on special plasters on the cuts to help heal them.

“It’s very annoying having the itchy sore hands but I try very hard not to scratch and bite and to pinch or squeeze so I don’t damage my skin more.”