EOS members Lottie and her mum Holly raised a phenomenal £954 for Eczema Outreach Support by organising a sponsored walk with family.

Lottie as well as mum Holly, older brother Kolton (6) and their extended family walked from Bangor in Northern Ireland to Holywood on November 1st as part of socially distanced fundraiser. They managed to raise a combined £954 for EOS with their 14km walk, that 4-year-old Lottie completed on her balance bike.

The family decided to raise money for EOS after joining the charity earlier this year.

Both Lottie and her 18-month-old brother Mason suffer from eczema with Lottie back and forward for hospital appointments and on immunosuppressants for the condition.

Mum Holly said: “Lottie was diagnosed with eczema as a baby and she has had a terrible time of it, with us trying everything to try to get her skin under control. It’s been really hard on the whole family and the support from EOS has been incredible.

“Our support worker Lynne is in regular contact and is always ready to listen and support when we are having a hard time.

“We just wanted to give back to EOS and are really pleased at the amount we have raised.

” A big thank you to everyone that sponsored us, we are so grateful as every penny will go a long way. We were out in the wind and rain but we did it!”