We love our fundraisers!

Not only do you all raise fantastic sums to help us to help families, but by fundraising you are also raising awareness of eczema and EOS. Thank you!

Get started

Create a fundraising page using Virgin Money Giving

Click above to start your fundraising challenge. Once you have set up on the platform you get a link you can send to all your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, anyone you think of, so they can donate. If you prefer collecting cash you can download our sponsorship form here.

You can also ask for donations through Facebook if that is your preference. Setting up a Facebook fundraiser is simple and takes just a few clicks. From your Facebook profile select the fundraisings option then search for Eczema Outreach Support – if you already follow our page it should be one of the first good causes that pops up. You can then fill in details about why you are raising money for EOS and once you have created the fundraiser, all your Facebook friends will get an alert that you are raising money for EOS.

We can help you as well. We love your efforts, so if you would maybe like some leaflets to give to people or an iron-on transfer for your child’s t-shirt or you have some other great idea, get in touch and we will do our best to support you. Email kirsty@eos.org.uk.

We love telling everyone about our fundraisers, so we might ask you if you are willing to feature on our social media. We can even share the link to your fundraising page and who knows your story might inspire somebody else to fundraise as well.

There are lots of things you can do:

Run 5K or even a marathon.

Hold a coffee morning for your friends.

Do a sponsored read.

Do 500 jumps with your toddler.

Skip to school for a week

Get your teenager to do a sponsored tidy of their room.

Let your imagination take over or click here for inspiring fundraising stories.
Happy fundraising- your support always makes a difference!

Chatting through things really helped me steer her treatment in a time when there was no support during lockdown

Your charity has given us the tips and advice we need to be able to support our son through terrible flare ups

Nursery have fully supported us because we were clear with our sons eczema plan thanks to EOS

How we spend your money

There are many different costs associated with running a support charity. You can see our full annual report here, but below are a few examples of some of our costs.

An average Welcome Pack – £26

45 mins support phone call – £23

A School Workshop – £61