Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions2021-08-24T08:01:59+00:00

Who can access your services?2021-08-23T09:07:53+00:00

Eczema Outreach Support can help any family with a child age 0-17 with eczema living in the UK. Parents and carers can join here

Do you charge for your services?2021-06-23T13:29:20+00:00

We do not charge our members for any of our services. We are a charity and rely on donations.

Can you provide me with medical advice about my child’s eczema?2021-06-23T13:29:15+00:00

Eczema Outreach Support DO NOT provide any medical advice. We leave that to the highly experienced healthcare professionals across the UK.

Can you help me get a referral to a dermatologist?2021-06-23T13:29:11+00:00

Eczema Outreach Support cannot help with referrals, we would always advise you discuss this with your GP or healthcare professionals. The team can support you to feel more confident in asking for a referral.

My child’s eczema is mild, can I still become a member?2021-06-23T13:29:06+00:00

Eczema Outreach Support welcomes any family with a child age 0-17 in the UK where there is a diagnosis of eczema from a healthcare professionals regardless of severity.

Do I need to travel to get support?2021-06-23T13:28:56+00:00

Most of our services are offered remotely. For example, we provide one to one support to all members across the UK via phone and email and our webinars are available to attend online via Zoom. Before the pandemic, we held face to face events across the UK and hope to return to these in the future.

Can I refer a family to Eczema Outreach Support?2021-06-23T13:28:51+00:00

Eczema Outreach Support is a member led organisation and registration is open to parents/carer of a child with eczema. Although we do not take referrals directly, we would always encourage you to let any families/colleagues you work with know about the charity.  We are grateful for any support that will help spread the word so that we can reach as many families affected by eczema as we can.

I’m an adult with eczema, can you support me?2021-06-23T13:28:46+00:00

Eczema Outreach Support can only support families with children age 0-17. For adults looking for support please see

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