When you join Eczema Outreach Support, we will send you a personalised welcome pack full of resources for you and your child. The pack is full of information on managing your child’s eczema, the importance of eczema treatments, potential triggers, and lots more.

Your child will also receive age-appropriate resources to help them to understand their eczema, why their treatments are important and practical resources to help them to manage their eczema. They will also receive information about our virtual clubs – The High 5 Club for our members aged 3-10 and our XY club for our members aged 11-17.


What do our members say about our welcome pack? 

“We received our amazing [welcome] packs the boys are over the moon with theirs and I’m delighted with all the information I’ve received thank you so much! I really appreciate letting us register with yourselves and it’s a weight lifted off our shoulders to know we have some support from those who understand” 

“The [welcome] pack was very helpful, allowed my child to explain to his friends what he feels and also talk to teacher about it was well.” 

“The welcome pack was so welcomed. I feel if I had got this welcome pack at my first GP appointment for expected eczema then I wouldn’t have been back and forth as much as I was particularly in the beginning.”

“When we received the welcome pack, my daughter was so excited to receive something for herself and full of information that could help her. There were also the stories about others affected that really struck a chord with her.”