EOS event for our teens!

Eczema Outreach took part in an event called Art and Craftivism run by the Mental Health Foundation’s We Can panel.  It was great to be involved!

A day of ARTS AND CRAFTIVISM at Glasgow University Union

  • Lisa Cunningham painting workshop for 10 people
  • Music workshop with Paragon Music for 20 people
  • Neil Slorance Comic book workshop
  • Andy Jay Music workshop

Mental Health Foundation’s We Can youth panel have been exploring mental health activism and long term conditions.

We have been working with a panel of young people with long term conditions including diabetes, spina bifida and arthritis. The biggest theme that has came out of our discussions is for more people to understand what a day in the life is like for theses young people. There is a great misunderstanding or lack of knowledge around what people go through daily.We have decided to explore arts and craftivism to better showcase and explore what this theme means to young people across Scotland.

We invite any young person with any chronic health condition to come and explore our theme of ‘A day in the life’ of a young person with any of these conditions. Allies are welcome to come and explore the theme also. Ages 13-25, no previous experience with art and crafts necessary.

Join us for a day of art workshops and a general craft room. Follow the links below to book into our workshops, or come along on the day to explore our arts and activism room where we will have local charities and activist; Pie in the Sky cross stitch crafts; Zine/collage making; badge making; general writing help; and many more!

We will be holding a parents cafe session all day with Amy Joss – a relaxed Kids play specialist – for any parents who wish to come along. We plan for these workshops to help you prepare for submitting pieces of work for our A DAY IN THE LIFE exhibition competition, we hope you can pick up some techniques, tips, tricks and skills from our different artists and activist around creating art and sharing your messages. Please submit art pieces* to us by the 16th July, and the winner will recieve a top of the line IPAD! Submit to scotlandyouth@mentalhealth.org.uk with the subject line ‘craftivism entry’.