If your child’s eczema is keeping them awake at night, the most important thing is to try and get the eczema under control.

If you feel your current treatment plan is not working then please contact your GP or dermatology nurse/doctor for advice.

Here are some tips to help your child sleep better at night:

· Create a consistent bedtime routine for your child to help with getting a good night sleep. Keep bedtime the same every night, reduce screen time in the hour before bed and replace with a relaxing activity.

· Make sure the room is cool (between 16-18 degrees), use a lighter duvet, turn the heating down in the room and open the window if necessary. It is important to find the right balance for your child.

· Light, cotton pyjama’s can help to keep your child cool, if scratching is an issue overnight then you may find Scratchsleeves  (available from scratchsleeves.co.uk) may help. Keeping fingernails short and filed will also help to minimise any damage to the skin.

· Keep cuddly soft toys to a minimum in your child’s bedroom, they provide a great home for dust mites which could trigger eczema flare ups. If your child uses a soft toy as a comforter then make sure you wash it regularly at 60 degrees or alternatively you can pop it in a sandwich bag in the freezer for 24 hours to kill dust mites.

If you have found these useful, you can find much more practical advice on our webinar with Consultant Dermatology Nurse Sandra Lawton. You can view Eczema – Starting From Scratch here.