It is officially November which means we no longer need to apologise for mentioning the C word.

Christmas this year may look slightly different to others, but the main message of the holiday is giving and we can all still give to the people we love.

While money may be stretched, you can give to loved ones in other ways – whether that be by spending time with them, even virtually, making them a thoughtful gift or sending them their favourite snacks. We all know it is better to give than receive and there is no better feeling than making someone’s day with a small gesture.

And you could make Eczema Outreach Support’s day by choosing to donate to us instead of sending Christmas cards. It’s becoming more and more popular to give to charity instead of posting cards to family and friends. It is easier than queuing in the shops for cards and, then the Post Office for stamps, only to then forget to write them in time and miss the last posting date before Christmas. As well as being less stressful for youcharities like EOS need your help and by donating, you could make a real difference 

EOS provides vital practical and emotional support to over 2,000 families living with eczema across the UK.  We rely on our generous supporters to do this. With the disruption that Covid-19 has brought to our home lives, stress levels and ability to connect with others, families need us now more than everEvery donation counts and helps us to get one step closer to making sure that every family can lead healthy and fulfilled lives. 

If you give to EOS instead of sending cards, we have a social media post you can share on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page to let your loved ones you have donated and encourage them to do the same 

Donating to EOS is easy, you can send your donation through FacebookVirgin Money Giving or directly into our bank account with the details here. 

Thank you for supporting EOS, we know 2020 has been tough for most but every penny raised will go to help families like yours coping with eczema.