At just four and a half, George is now able to put on his eczema cream in the morning and dress himself.

For pre-school children, becoming independent and dressing themselves is important but for children with eczema, it can take a lot longer to be self sufficient.
Mum Louise hurt her back so encouraged George to try to out his cream on himself and now he gets ready all by himself.
Louise said: ‘He is so proud of himself that he can apply cream and get dressed in the mornings and it makes our morning routine much smoother too.
‘The morning emollient comes in a pump bottle so it’s easy for him to administer it and he feels independent that he can sort himself out.’
With George starting school, Louise is also teaching him to self manage his skin throughout the day.
‘We have a pot of emollient in the living room so he can apply as he needs and we hope by the time he starts school in September he can start to be even more self sufficient.
‘His classmates are at preschool with him so are aware that he needs cream sometimes and uses a special hand wash which is good and he can hopefully feel comfortable asking to teacher to go and apply cream when and as he needs.’