Ho-ho-hope it’s not too soon for the C word but EOS is now officially in the Xmas spirit. Who says the start of November is too soon for some vintage Mariah Carey?

We were blown away with the number of fantastic entrants for the EOS Christmas e-card design competition and choosing winners in the two age categories was incredibly difficult. After some fairly tense debate, the team selected the winning designs.

Erin (10) was selected as the card design in the 7-11 age category for her fabulous Xmas fireplace scene. We were impressed at the use of the official EOS logo and colours and the Christmassy feel.

Luisa (4) is the winner in the 3-6 age category for her artistic design featuring sparkling snowflakes and a festive message.

You can download both designs now from here and send them to your family and friends in exchange for a donation to EOS. An e-card is more environmentally friendly than paper cards, and less hassle – no need to queue at the Post Office for stamps or remember to post before the mail deadline.

EOS needs members and supporters to continue to raise funds so we can support families across the UK coping with eczema. We have more members than ever before and need to raise as much as possible to continue providing the same level of support.