EOS member Macy has held her second fundraiser for Eczema Outreach Support – raising a fantastic £190!

Macy (9) used her own pocket money to buy chocolates which she then raffled off to friends and family. She also shared her eczema journey on social media to raise awareness of the condition and shared information about Eczema Outreach Support so other families that may need help could join.

Last year the primary school pupil from Warrington ran a tombola at her mum’s gym and managed to raise £81.50 for EOS.

Macy’s mum Maxine said: “The fundraiser was all Macy’s idea to give back to EOS, she used her own money to buy the chocolates and it was her idea to share her story and information about EOS on social media. She did a great job and raised a fantastic amount!”

EOS relies on supporters to fundraise and donate more than ever so we can continue to help families across the UK dealing with eczema. If you would like to set up a regular donation or fundraise for EOS, contact Kirsty at kirsty@eos.org.uk for further information and support.