Over the past 6 months our Outreach worker has been travelling across Scotland delivering 37 eczema workshops in 21 primary schools! From Edinburgh to Aberlour and East Kilbride to Stornoway, our young members have taken on the challenge of helping their classmates learn what eczema is really like.   We offer workshops to children who are struggling at school e.g. being bullied because of their eczema, or feeling different because they can’t always participate in activities or miss a lot of school because of their condition.

Pupils are given the chance to learn about the skin and the important job it does for our bodies. They learn about eczema and what it can feel like, alongside the challenges that come for someone with the condition.  The class is encouraged to share ideas about how they could be a good friend to someone with eczema.

The children with eczema help in the workshop and some even share their eczema knowledge and their own eczema story with their class. The workshops can have a big impact for a child in school e.g. bullying can stop, the child feels more confident to talk about their eczema, and they feel great having a workshop for them in the class.

Our school workshops go on all year. If you feel this would be helpful for your child then please get in touch.