Christmas can be a tricky time  for eczema sufferers with lots of triggers at this time of year.

Christmas jumpers are more popular than ever, with designs featuring tinsel and flashing reindeer noses. Often these jumpers are made from synthetic material that can be itchy for sensitive skin, choose pure cotton fabrics and ones without rough patches on the inside of the jumper.

Toiletries are a popular Xmas gift to receive but can be a nightmare for eczema prone skin. Bath bombs, lotions and bubble baths can be full of additives and sulphates that dry out skin and can make it flare. The best thing is a warm bath, not too hot, with bath additive or your regular emollient added.

Real Christmas trees can be problematic for eczema prone skin with the needles aggravating skin and can make allergies worse. Fake ones are better, and consider washing it each year as the dust it can acquire in storage can make allergies flare up.

Christmas is a time of indulgence and feasting, and for those with allergies it can be difficult. Read labels carefully and if you are visiting friends or family warn them in advance of any allergies. If you are going to a party where you don’t know the hosts, bring your own snacks in case there is nothing for your child.

With some planning having eczema over Xmas time doesn’t need to impact your life at all.

Merry Christmas and hope 2020 is filled with only good things.