EOS is on the hunt for young people aged 16-24 to join our Youth Panel – but what is a young panel and what difference will it make? We sat down (virtually of course) with Lyndsay Noon, National Outreach Coordinator for EOS about what the role entails.


Hi Lyndsay, so tell us why EOS is setting up a youth panel? 

Hello! A youth panel is something we have wanted to get off the ground for a long time now. We are a charity for children and young people and who better to let us know if we are on the right track and meeting the needs of young people with eczema than the young people themselves?

So there are no young people working at EOS?

Ha! I’d say some are young at heart but none of us fall into the 16-24 category anymore sadly. Technology and society is changing so fast that it’s so important to consult with young people and make sure that we are providing the services and experiences they want and need.

What will the youth panel mean for the young people that join? 

We are looking to recruit a maximum of 12 young people with experience of eczema to join the panel and they will meet in a video call regularly to discuss what they want to see from EOS, what more we can do for young people with eczema and how we can provide a better experience for our member children and young people.

Will the panel get to meet up in person? 

We definitely want the panel to meet in person. The panel will all be young people who have been affected by eczema so it is a great opportunity to meet people that have similar experiences and share ideas. For the time being, meet ups in person won’t be possible, but when they can, it will be exciting to have our youth panel members from all over the UK get together as a team.

Will the Youth Panel be paid? 

No, this is a voluntary position for young people that want to make a difference not only for our members but for children and young people with eczema across the UK in general. The panel members will have the opportunity to take part in training and personal development opportunities and it will be a great addition to their CV as well as having a social element.

How can someone aged 16-24 apply? 

You can get further details of the panel and how to apply from https://www.eos.org.uk/youth-panel/ or you can email me at lyndsay@eos.org.uk and I will be happy to answer any questions.