Hand washing regularly is vital during the Coronovirus pandemic, but dermatologist Professor Sara Brown has shared important advice for people suffering from eczema.

Sara said: “I wanted to highlight that washing hands with emollients or soap subs is not effective against Covid-19 so even eczema patients should use soap and then afterwards apply emollient.
“They should also be prepared to step up steroid use on hands.”

Products like Dermol 600 will not be enough to kill the virus.

Sara added: “Covid-19 virus has a lipid outer coat (a layer made of fats) so it’s killed by soap or detergent because that disrupts the fat – like washing up liquid lifts grease off plates – so you need soap or detergent when hand washing.

“Alcohol in sufficient concentration also disrupts the viral coat, but it stings on any breaks in the skin & when hands are visibly dirty you need soap/detergent.”

Washing your hands regularly for around 20 seconds is the best way to protect yourself and other from contracting the virus, please pass on this useful advice to anyone with eczema.