Boo! Halloween is just weeks away and now the shops are bursting with spooky costumes and enough sweets to make a dentist sob.

Having a child with eczema means Halloween can be more tricks than treats but there are ways to help make sure your child can still enjoy the scariest time of the year.

First up, costumes. They are often made from harsh man made fabrics like polyester and acrylic which can irritate sensitive skin. Try to find cotton or soft costumes and consider something you can wear eczema friendly clothing underneath.

If your child has food allergies and is attending a party or going trick or treating, make sure you take snacks your child can eat or warn in advance of their allergies. Consider dropping off allergy friendly treats with the neighbours you plan on visiting on Halloween so your child doesn’t miss out.

Face paint is a no-no for many eczema sufferers with the harsh make up aggravating sensitive skin. Try to convince your child to choose a costume that doesn’t need face paint or one with a mask instead. If you are going to try to use make up, test patch first at least 48 hours before to make sure there won’t be a reaction to the product.

Many homes will have pumpkins and candles outside which you may need to be wary of. Using emollients on the skin makes fabric more flammable and you need to be careful not to let your child’s costumes anywhere near a flame.

Enjoy Halloween and if you have any pictures of your little ones in costumes feel free to share them with us!