The whole Roberts family took on a 5km fun run while dressed as Santa Claus to raise funds for EOS.

Jenni, Nicholas and children Lyra (2) and Kit (4 months) took part in Glasgow’s Santa Dash in typical Scottish weather of torrential rain earlier this month.

The family, who are members of EOS and both children have eczema, raised £150 for EOS.

Mum Jenni, who ran the race just three months after having Kit, said: “We ran the Santa Dash to support Eczema Outreach Support and Kit and Lyra will be dashing with us in a big family effort to raise awareness of eczema and some money for this great organisation.
“Before we had Kit and Lyra we never understood the severe impact that eczema can have on a persons life. This is something I’m ashamed to say as my mum has eczema and I just never understood what that meant beyond having some bad dry skin patches.
“We have struggled to help the kids without proper support from GPs who have unfortunately given us incorrect advice and been quite dismissive of the difficulties associated with eczema.
“I recently called EOS as we needed more help and support. They were amazing and sent information and resources and spent an hour talking to me on the phone. They sent Lyra a story book to help her to understand the importance of not scratching, a cool pack to help take away the itch and a toy to help keep her hands busy so she stops scratching. We found their help invaluable.”

If you would like to take on a challenge in the new year to raise funds for EOS, contact our Communications and Fundraising Officer Kirsty at