Many businesses and sectors are struggling with the economic impact of COVID-19 and the lockdown imposed.

With many people furloughed and job instability, charities are suffering badly. All major fundraising events have been cancelled, resulting in a loss of millions of pounds that would have went to good causes. The London Marathon alone raised £66 million for charities in 2019 and the 2020 has been postponed from next weekend to October, leaving a huge gap in fundraising for charities across the UK and the world.

But there are still things you could do to help EOS generate funds. We have compiled a list of the best fundraising ideas you can do from home or during the one hour of outdoor exercise you are allowed to do.

2.6 Challenge

Instead of committing to the 26.2 miles of a marathon, you can take part in the 2.6 challenge. You can commit to cycling 2.6 miles, walking around your garden to make 2.6km or get creative and hop, dance or do a Monty Python style funny walk for 2.6km and ask family and friends to sponsor you.

Birthday fundraiser

If you are unfortunate enough to have your birthday during lockdown and are unable to celebrate with family and friends, why not organise a birthday fundraiser for EOS? They take minutes to set up on Facebook and you could ask people to donate the amount they would have spent attending your party or on a present.

Virtual fundraiser

Video conference call websites like Zoom or HouseParty are great to stay in touch with your friends during lockdown. You can volunteer to host a quiz, bingo or entertainment in the form or picking the music to accompany the virtual party and ask all the attendees to donate to EOS in exchange.

Commit to a challenge for after COVID-19

If you aren’t able to take part in a fundraiser now, you can commit to signing up to a running race, cycling challenge or endurance event for later in the year or in 2021 and open a fundraising page on Virgin Giving Money, encouraging people to donate now. With lockdown, you have time to develop and stick to your training plan.

Get crafty

If you are artistic or have a skill and extra time thanks to COVID-19, you could paint, craft or sew in exchange for donations to EOS.

If you do a fundraiser, please let us know and we can give you a mention on social media.