Everyone seems to have an opinion on eczema – and can’t wait to share it with you.

While their heart is probably in the right place their comments can be frustrating at best and offensive at worst.

Here are five things not to say to someone with eczema.


‘Have you tried Child’s Farm/Tropic/a diet of only yellow foods/fresh pawpaw juice from the Amazonian Rain Forest? I read that can cure eczema straight away.’

This is probably the most common comment you’ll be asked as everyone has read and article or had a friend of their granny that was cured with a ‘miracle potion’. Unfortunately eczema is a chronic condition and no magic cream will take away the itch and burn. While some creams can help, there is nothing out there that will cure it completely.


‘Have they got chicken pox?’

No, Karen – not chicken pox, it’s eczema but thanks.


‘That looks sore, is it contagious?’

You can’t catch eczema, while the skin might look broken and sore, it  can’t be passed on and it’s hurtful to ask.


‘It comes in seven year cycles, so not long to go until the eczema is gone.’

An old wives tales sadly, while some people do have good years and bad years, there is no evidence to suggest that every seven years the skin is renewed and eczema cleared.


‘Stop scratching!’

You try living with burning, itchy skin and see how you get on without scratching. Eczema can be extremely uncomfortable and painful and while we know that scratching isn’t any good for the skin, sometime a bit of relief is needed.

If you encounter someone with visible eczema, just ask them how they are doing and try to be compassionate for what they are going through. And please don’t try to sell them a new wonder cream!