Join Eczema Outreach Support on Zoom for our webinar ‘Eczema – How to Ditch the Itch with Dr Amélie Seghers’ on March 14 from 8-9pm.

During this free event, Dr Seghers will read from her book ‘Eczema – How to Ditch the Itch’ followed by a Q&A on childhood eczema.

Free tickets available here.

Dr Seghers will share her experience of working with a range of patients across the world to answer attendees questions on childhood eczema, such as how to manage itch, treatments, and how to get the most out of appointments with healthcare professionals.

You can submit your questions in advance to

If you have a child aged between 0 and 17, you can join Eczema Outreach Support to get free practical and emotional support for you and your family. Click here to join. 

Please note, this webinar will not be recorded and will only be available live.