The end of summer holidays is looming – and by now most Scottish schools have returned – which means it’s back to early rises, frantically ironing shirts at 8.45am and asking if homework has been done on repeat.

But a return to school is also an opportunity to fundraise for EOS.

Some schools chose a charity to fundraise for throughout the academic year, and all schools will host special events such as non-uniform days or sponsored runs for charities. You could approach your child’s school and ask them if there any potential spaces to host a charity day or put EOS forward to benefit from a fundraiser.

EOS can supply fundraising materials and sponsor sheets if needed. And keep on eye on your inbox and social media platforms for a special fundraiser event we are launching later in the year especially for schools.

EOS is a charity and securing grants is becoming increasingly difficult so we are relying on donations more than ever. We need people like you to volunteer your time to raise funds so that we can continue to support families dealing with eczema.

If you would like any information or help in a school fundraiser – or any fundraising for EOS – contact our community fundraiser Kirsty at or call 01506 840395.