By this point in the pandemic, most of us are fed up with home schooling, the limited entertainment options and not seeing our extended family and friends.

It can start to feel like every day is the same and be difficult to find much joy, add in the stress of dealing with your child’s eczema and it can feel too much.

While ‘normal’ life is still a while away, you can still celebrate holidays and special occasions – like Valentine’s Day – at home with your family.

A meal out at your favourite restaurant while the kids are babysat isn’t going to happen this Valentine’s Day, however you can mark the day.

If your children are young, you could make them your Valentine with a card or heart shaped chocolates, sweets or soft toy. You could give them a love themed meal. For breakfast you could have heart shaped pancakes –  this video shows you how – served with chocolate sauce and strawberries or serve their favourite meal for dinner with the table specially decorated with flowers and heart themed decor. If you child has allergies, there are lots of websites with recipes for pancakes that are dairy free, egg free or gluten free.

If you’ve not got to see any loved ones for a long time, why not make them your Valentine and with your child, create a box of their favourite goodies to drop off. If they live near by you could use your daily walk to do a doorstep drop off and if they live further afield there are hundreds of online companies offering care packages including all kinds of things – from vegan sweets to fancy coffee,  and artisan chocolate to beauty products. It’s the perfect way to make someone you love smile and feel special on Valentine’s Day, particularly if they don’t have a significant other in their life.

If your child is a bit older, they could open a restaurant at home for mum and dad and play as chef and waiter. A nice table cloth, candles, flowers and music will add to the ambience and it’s a good opportunity for your child to work on their cooking skills.

Caring for children with eczema can be difficult, with feeling like you are nagging at them when you tell them not to itch and the constant cream applications and clothing and bedding washing. Sleepless nights can be plentiful during a flare and with the extra handwashing during COVID even children that usually don’t suffer too badly from dry skin may be sore.

Take the time to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family and if you have the option, take some time for you alone or with your partner.

Stay safe, stay home and hopefully next year Valentine’s Day may look a bit more normal.