A new biologic drug has been approved to be prescribed to adolescents with severe eczema – giving hope to those for whom other treatments have been unsuccessful or unsuitable.

Dupilumab has now been approved by the regulating authorities in England, Scotland and Wales and is the first biologic drug to be licenced for young people; unlike other immune system suppressant treatments, it targets  specific mechanisms causing the inflammation of the skin.

The drug has already been licenced for adults with some seeing an excellent response when existing immuno-suppresants and potent steroid creams have failed.

EOS CEO Magali Redding welcomed the news. She said: “This announcement will be welcome news for many teenagers with severe eczema in Scotland, England and Wales, who will now have access to a new treatment option for their chronic condition.

“Through the direct support we provide to young people with eczema and their families, we have gained a deep understanding of their daily struggles and dreams of a better future. Indeed, the impact of the condition on adolescents’ physical and mental health is vastly underestimated. New treatments bring fresh hope to those struggling with severe eczema on a daily basis.”