EOS is asking members and supporters to take part in a fundraising challenge to celebrate our 10th birthday this summer.

We have our very first family to take up the challenge and they will walk 100km in May to raise money for their favourite charity.
Mum Alana with daughters Amelie and Marcy will wear out their trainers along with dogs Rosie and Pixie because they wanted to give back to Eczema Outreach Support.
Alana said: “Eczema Outreach Support have been great since we joined in 2018. We had a great chat with one of the team who gave really good advice and support when we were going through a hard time with Amelie’s skin.
Over the years Eczema Outreach Support have come along to Amelie’s school to talk to her class about eczema and how it can affect people and the facebook group online has been a great space to get advice and just speak to parents going through similar.
We went along to an event in Glasgow and Amelie was delighted to meet other children with skin like hers. She is at the age that she realises she is different and can get self-conscious about how she looks so meeting other kids was great for her.
Amelie has had eczema since she was a baby but around 2018 it got much worse. Her skin was always red, flared and very itchy which resulted in multiple skin infections. She had to wear bandages to bed and would wake up through the night scratching herself until her bedsheets were covered in blood.
Thankfully, Amelie’s skin is much better just now and is controlled with routine steroids as well as moisturisers.”
Now the family are taking on 100km for EOS and have already gathered almost £300 in donations with the challenge almost half way through.
If you would like to donated to Alana, Amelie and Marcy, click here.