All emollients must now carry a new fire warning label – but don’t let this put you off using the creams or ointments if your child has eczema and needs them.

The Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has introduced the labelling on all emollients, including paraffin- and non-paraffin-based products.

This is because material such as pyjamas, bedding and clothing can become flammable if they have dried emollient on them – meaning they will catch fire more easily and potentially burn faster.

However, it is rare for burns to be associated with emollient as the clothing has to be next to a naked flame – like a lighter, fire or barbecue – with the MHRA only reporting 61 emollient related fire injuries between 2000-20018 and the majority of them relating to smokers.

Emollients remain the cornerstone of eczema treatments ; they moisturise dry skin and provide a barrier to protect it.

Please use your emollient as prescribed by your doctor ,continue to avoid letting your child near a naked flame and wash all clothing, pyjamas and bedding frequently as this reduces the build up of dried emollient in the fabric.