Face coverings are now recommended for use every time you enter a shop or travel on public transport to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

While there is no doubt this will help to keep shoppers and workers safe, for people with eczema, this is yet another possible trigger for a flare up.

Often masks are made from synthetic fabric that can aggravate sensitive skin and cause the mouth and nose area to be warmer – another potential cause of flares.

The National Eczema Society recommends you use a full cotton mask to try to prevent flares, and even suggested using an old, soft, tshirt to turn into a mask using simple design patterns available online. Dr Peter Lio also suggests washing the mask after each use and said eczema clothing companies are working on a range of masks from eczema friendly fabrics.

Of course, if your child has a bad flare on their face or has other under lying health conditions, they may be exempt from wearing a mask – contact your GP or dermatology department for further information.

You can watch Dr Lio’s video on face coverings and eczema here.