This weekend marks Easter, a time for celebrating the change in season and eating lots of chocolate.

But if you have a child with eczema, Easter can be tricky to navigate. For some, food intolerances and allergies can trigger flare ups, milk chocolate and eggs being some common allergens.

Those celebrating Easter will be doing so at home this year, making it easier to avoid foods and products that cause reaction with your child’s skin.

Allergy friendly chocolate eggs are available in all supermarkets and can be free from milk, eggs, soya, gluten and nuts meaning they cater for most allergies. The ranges get better every year and there are eggs in all sizes, designs and flavours. If family and friends give eggs, you could remind them in the lead up of your child’s allergies or let them know which shops you have seen good free from chocolates in.

If pollen is an environmental trigger for your child, they can still take part in the tradition of rolling eggs down a hill. You could set up a track at home, using whatever you have lying about the house to create a slide. Just make sure to put a covering over the floor or the clean up could get very difficult!

A change in diet may also affect your child’s skin so if they aren’t used to lots of sugar, try to spread out the chocolate consumption – which we know is easier said than done!