Eczema is a condition that is often minimised and misunderstood.

It is regularly thought of as “just a bit of itchy skin” but the reality can be very different.  If you are in any doubt read the real-life accounts on the Stories of having a child with eczema page.

We are involved in many groups, research programmes and forums to share experiences of having a child with eczema with the aim of influencing treatment and encouraging systemic change.

At the moment we are focused on spreading the word and raising awareness of our services in England, Wales and Northern Ireland as we only expanded our service to these countries in September 2018.  Each country is different and families have different challenges.  By supporting more families in these countries we can understand their key issues and use this information to influence policy and be the voice of those families where it counts.

Could you help spread the word about EOS? 

It could make a huge difference to families struggling with eczema near you. Here are a few ways:

  • Follow our social media pages and share our posts
  • Mention us on any relevant social media groups you are part of
  • Distribute posters and leaflets locally (please get in touch and we’ll send you some)
  • Mention EOS when you are at your GP or Dermatology appointment because they might not know about us yet