Lucie, Marco and Antony’s story

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Antony was 3 months old when a red patch appeared on his cheek.  We were given some cream and told to keep an eye on it.  Little did we know this was just the start of countless prescriptions for creams, steroids and antibiotics over the coming months. We put the cream on but the

Victoria and Steven’s story

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In 2014, as we eagerly anticipated our much longed for baby, we were regularly offered the advice that 'nothing quite prepares you for parenthood'. Never a truer word said of parents of children plagued with the trio of eczema, asthma and allergies. In April 2014 we welcomed our son Steven.  He had breathing issues

Kirsty and Ruaridh’s story

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Nothing can prepare you for the sad and helpless way you feel when you experience your child scratching himself until he bleeds. You wonder why you couldn't have stopped him in time despite the numerous lotions and potions you have been covering him in, not to mention the scratch sleeves/mits etc but there's always

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