Face-to-face or online, meeting others often makes a big difference to our members.

Learn and Share Events

We run 3 to 4 large ‘Learn and Share’ events each year to offer our families the chance to meet, share their experiences and learn more about eczema in a fun and family friendly venue. 

Being part of a community who can understand and encourage you is a great support. Whether you become a member of our Facebook closed group or join a face-to-face group, you will meet people like you facing the same challenges.

Local Connect meet-ups

Each year, we plan a series of small and local meet-ups for families, depending on where our families are and what they would like to talk about. Meet-ups are also a great way for families from similar ethnic backgrounds to gather and we sometimes have interpreters there to help communicate with our staff. These meetings are open to our members only, apart from our community drop-in events (advertised locally), where anyone is free to come along to know more about eczema and our work. 

Online forum

Our Facebook closed group is a safe space to share with other members of EOS how your child and your family are doing, to ask for advice and help others.