The High 5 Club is our exclusive club for children with eczema aged 3-10.


The High 5 Club was created early 2014 and originally worked with a system of newsletters which include fun facts, challenges and rewards, alongside a penfriend service. We are in the process of improving the club to make it more personalised. The aim is to increase the children’s understanding of their condition, their self-management and communication skills as well as to take positive action in their communities by raising awareness. 


We also run the XY Club which offers groups and activities for young people aged 11-17 .


More on this soon as our young people are currently helping us create something new!


Free schools workshops on eczema

Beth workshop picWe deliver free workshops for schools, often but not solely in our young members’ classes, to help raise awareness of eczema and useful hints and tips on how to support someone with the condition. These workshops are funded through grants and donations, so all fundraising organised by schools help  us run this unique programme.


Sometimes, children and young people struggling to deal with their eczema benefit from 1-1 support. 

Our role is to be there for them and empower them to take control of their condition while building their self-esteem and confidence.