Want to be part of an empowering campaign raising awareness of eczema? Do you want to be the next blogger/vlogger sensation? Every selected blogger will receive a £30 voucher, so apply now to start Monday 19th of March!

EOS are launching a brand new campaign in order to raise awareness of what it is like to live with eczema, your ups and down as well as the impact of eczema on families. The campaign will involve a diary – preferably with short daily videos but can also be written – that will document this journey for 1 month.

Who can take part?

We are looking for people of all ages who have eczema – even siblings, parents, grannies and uncles can take part (one per family).

Under 18? You will need consent from parents/carers.

Pick you preferred style

  • Vlog every day – no longer than 2 minutes of footage per day (how your skin looks, how you feel, etc.)
  • Blog – any thoughts you’re having about your eczema that day, separate the days up.
  • Pictures – you could just do pictures of the eczema instead of videos with a little caption about feelings you have.
  • This is open to carers/families also, therefore they could take part and do any of the above styles and document their feelings for a month on how they cope with the eczema in their family.

Optional things to include

  • Foods that might help or make things worse
  • A new environment and how you and your skin reacted
  • New treatment and how you react to it
  • New management techniques

Similar Links

Below I have found links to other people who have documented their journey with various skin conditions (not just eczema) –  it may inspire you to give it a go for a month and will hopefully show you the helpful side of it.

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If this sounds like something you or your child would be interested in then please contact us at info@eos.org.uk or through our social media.