What are the NHS Eczema treatment guidelines?

The “NICE” and “SIGN” guidelines : an interesting read for families too!   Did you know that your healthcare professionals in primary care are supposed to follow a set of guidelines that help them diagnose and treat eczema? They can be a great source of information when managing your child’s eczema and preparing for your […]

Books on eczema for all ages

Here is a collection of some of our favourite books on eczema for the whole family!             Rosie Wellesley – The Itchy-saurus   (ISBN 978-1-84365-368-4) Jack Hughes – Emmy’s Eczema (ISBN 978-0-7502-7802-7) Jean Greatsinger and Lisa Crosby – I have Eczema  (ISBN 9781502337931) Medikidz Explain Eczema – What’s up with Kenzie (ISBN […]

School Healthcare Plan

We help our members set up healthcare plans with their schools, to ensure that the needs of their child with eczema are met during school hours. Our plans are currently under review but do get in touch if you need help with this now. Please note there is no document to download here.