Privacy statement (March 2018)

Any person joining EOS as a member will be required to give consent for EOS to store their data. The consent is based on them agreeing to the following statement:

Gathering your data

By becoming a member of EOS you give consent for Eczema Outreach Support to gather and store relevant information regarding you and your child/children in order to deliver personalised services around your child/children’s eczema. Should you ever choose to make a donation to EOS this will also be recorded.

Contacting you

By becoming a member of EOS you also give consent for Eczema Outreach Support to contact you in relation to your child/children’s eczema and our services.

This contact can be by

  • Post (e.g. to receive your welcome pack)
  • Phone (e.g. to discuss support available for your child’s specific circumstances)
  • Email (e.g. invitations to EOS events, newsletters, fundraising suggestions)

All three forms of contact are vital in order for EOS to deliver a full service. If you have an objection to any of these forms of contact please get in touch with the EOS office before registering.

Sharing your data

Your information might be shared with health care professionals, schools, or other statutory services relevant to your child’s eczema. EOS might also signpost you to other non-statutory organisations, but would only share your details with them if you agree to it. EOS will never share your details for commercial purposes.

Retaining your data

EOS will retain the information provided by you for 3 years after you become an ex-member. You become an ex-member either when your youngest child with eczema turns 18 or you can at any stage request to be removed from the members list.

After the 3 years EOS will delete all information we hold about you, except for limited statistical information, incl. your initials (not your full name), your local authority area and the first letter of your child’s name.

Withdrawing consent

You can at any point contact EOS to withdraw your consent for EOS to contact you. Withdrawing consent will limit the service EOS will be able to provide. If you withdraw from all 3 forms of communication you will be listed as an ex-member.

You can also at any point withdraw your consent for your data to be stored. If you do EOS will delete all personal identifiable information we hold on you.

To withdraw your consent please contact EOS either by email: or by post: 129 High Street, Linlithgow EH49 7EJ

We conduct our business in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and are registered with the Office of the Information Commissioner under registration number ZA 131266