Long-awaited family outings are finally becoming a reality for Eczema Outreach Scotland. Last Saturday, the charity held an event at Edinburgh’s Melting Pot. For the first time, children with eczema and their families, mostly from Central Scotland, got to meet and enjoy a day filled with activities and lively discussions.

The Edinburgh outing took place on 24th March and gathered more than 20 persons affiliated with the charity. It allowed parents and children to meet, discuss and socialise. They first took part in ‘Allergy-free Cookery Demonstration and Talk’ hosted by Children and Young Peoples Allergy Network Scotland (CYANS). It was followed by a lively drama workshop by Love Drama which specialises in sessions for children and young people. Finally, the arts and crafts session led by Art Sessions encouraged our members to explore their creative side and express feelings about living with the condition. “By the end of the year, we will have gathered enough material to produce a unique Eczema Outreach Scotland scrapbook and show the world what our families really think and need!’ says Amelia Calvert, Chair. We have some plans for a more outings across Scotland later this spring.

Follow this link to the see the kids in action!