This special Learn and Share event marked the launch of our new Atopic Art project, based on our families’ creative expressions of living with eczema. With help from Dr Sara Brown, Consultant Dermatologist and Researcher in the genetics of eczema in Dundee, we commissioned 2 talented  artists through ASCUS, who successfully ran 2 parallel workshops with our 32 families:

  • The teepee of dreams with painted pillows
  • “Itch and Scratch”  3D clay tiles.

Over the summer, our artists will produce the official Atopic Art installation, which will become a portable awareness exhibition kit for families to use in schools, communities and at science festivals across Scotland. There will also be a “making of” film of the project!

In the morning, we  had the privilege to run a informative Q&A session on treatments and a hands-on demonstration with Dr Sara Brown (Dundee) and our lovely volunteer nurses (Edinburgh). Meanwhile, the kids had a great time visiting the zoo in the sun with our volunteers.

IMG_0466IMG_0453IMG_0470 zoo pic 2 IMG_0465 zoo pic 1