Over the years, you learn to deal with eczema. It gets easier to cope. Most people grow out of it, and that’s great! You know what avoid, what you can use and eat, right? That’s what we all hear. Let’s be real, we know that eczema is really difficult to cope with, mentally and physically. You feel left out because some of your friends can wear anything, have different scents to wear and even wear makeup! They can eat anything and not have to watch out. During PE their face doesn’t flare up, along with their body, with all the sweat stinging their eczema – it all seems so unfair. They don’t need to watch out when you do. Sometimes they jump around, playing like toddlers in sand, yet your eczema is too dry to let you move. They can wear tight-fitting clothes made of synthetic materials because that’s the latest trend, yet you’re stuck wearing loose clothes made out of cotton or something natural because your eczema can get stuck and then your weeping sore will get stuck to it and then you’ll have a scab full of blue fibres. You moisturise your skin constantly and try to push back your hair, then it gets greasy. Great work! 
Hi. I’m Anna, preferably known as Ania. I’ve had eczema ever since I was 2 weeks old, and my mother had to watch me so closely, otherwise I’d end up scratching on a carpet or something of that sort and I’d end up with a blister that wouldn’t heal for 2 weeks.

I know how difficult atopic eczema is. I’m not saying I know how sore it is, or how badly it affects you, but I understand how it can be difficult. A lot of us are ambitious, wanting a career that gets loads of money, so we could try find a cure or maybe find a cream that the heavens gave us. Trying to reach that goal is sometimes so difficult, as staying off of school doesn’t give us the education we need. In order to raise awareness to maybe some that don’t understand eczema or some that don’t know the side effects of eczema, I’ll be documenting a month of my eczema, the good and the bad. Hopefully it’ll be good, but you never know how much it’ll flare up in a month. You have to predict the unpredictable. Join my adventure this month as I tell the ups and downs.