Harriet and Magali, staff at Eczema Outreach Scotland, had the pleasure to deliver a brand new workshop to 2 groups of children at Linlithgow Primary School (West Lothian) in June. The children learnt about eczema, how it feels like to live with it and what barriers children suffering from the condition may face at school.

Both groups had a lot to say about how we can help children with eczema during school hours and shared their views about new ideas of self-management resources that could be used in class.

“It was great fun touching the cactus and trying the “secret code cards” out”

“I wasn’t sure whether you can catch eczema but now I know you can’t.”

“I used to be bullied because I looked different. There should more lessons in class about skin problems so people understand it better.” 

Hopefully the first of many more school workshops!

Please contact us at info@eos.org.uk if you can help us get in touch with to your school for a workshop or a meeting with the teachers.