Tips for itchy skin top

On the previous page we mentioned that your skin with eczema has a barrier that doesn’t work very well, so it lets in things the body doesn’t like such as pollen or dust. This causes your red and itchy skin. So, if you help the skin to create a barrier using lots of cream this can really help. You may be fed up putting on lots of cream but it does help. There are lots of different Tips for itchy skincreams and treatments for eczema and you will probably have tried quite a few!

Here are some tips from children about what helps with their itchy skin:

  • tap your skin instead of scratching
  • wet wraps stop the itching
  • I wear my bandages instead of pyjamas but I draw on them and pretend I am a superhero!
  • I take my cooling gel pack with me to bed, it helps cool my skin down & get to sleep
  • lots and lots of cream!
  • I pretend getting my creams on is like getting a massage!
  • I like listening to a relaxing CD when I feel itchy and can’t calm down