Making eczema better at school top

Classrooms can be hot and have lots of things that make you itchy! Soap, paper towels, sitting on an itchy carpet, playdough or clay, and your uniform are just a few things that may make your skin flare up.

Why don’t you try being a detective and work out what is making you itchy in the classroom. Once you have worked it out you can talk to your parents and your teacher so they can find a way to make things better. Eczema Outreach has a pack we can send you to help you tell your teacher when your eczema is causing you bother, and another pack for parents to help them talk to your school and make things a bit better. Email if you’d like to receive these packs.

Depending on your location, we can also arrange for Beth, our Outreach Worker, to run a fun workshop in your school and talk to your class about how your skin works and what causes eczema. Email for more information.

It might help to speak to your friends about your eczema, they may not realise how itchy and sore it can be. If you don’t feel your friends would understand or you would like a new friend we can help! We can put you in touch with a penpal – they will have eczema but you don’t need to speak about that if you don’t want to. All you need to do is ask your parent/carer to email with some details about you like your hobbies and interests.