Today we were interviewed on Awaz 107.2 FM Radio. It was another great opportunity to promote our activities, this time among the Asian and African Community of Glasgow.

Magali Speight, the Project Manager, talked to Aruna Hallan who is the host of a weekly radio show called ‘Healthy Mornings with Aruna’. Magali had a chance to introduce the charity to radio listeners as well as invite them to join the charity or get involved by volunteering.

The contact with Awaz FM listeners is especially important because local communities are at the heart of our work as we are committed to offering our service to black and minority ethnics. Among our members there are, for instance, Poles residing in Scotland. We look forward to attracting other communities too.

Awaz 107.2 FM serves the Asian and African population in Glasgow, broadcasting in English, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Paharhi and Swahili delivering entertainment, news, local, national and community information.